Sunday, 16 November 2014

Krakow and Zakopane in one trip

Just lately I've been traveling thru south poland and I have to say that We have found a lot of quite exciting and also gorgeous regions, of course there exists a lot more to discover and whole lot locations that I wished to go to but at this time there was no time for that. However I have still saw a lot more then I anticipated. I actually began my quest from Krakow. Right from air port to town center there is around twenty kilomiters, so not far, Certainly, there is lots of options to get to the town.

You can consider typical open public bus, it is the hippest solution, yet also next to air-port is  train station, and train will certainly as well take You practically to the city centre. In case you travelling having larger party You Can get personal coach or taxi, they will take You exactly where You need.

When you travel together with colleagues it could be the finest method to go to Krakow. City is quite gorgeous city together with old complexes, chapels and also museums, certainly, there is of course older main sq with all the advantages such as for example underground memorial. Yet for me the most exciting was Kazimierz, this is older Jewish city, now section of Krakow, It has lovely older streets and houses and in addition many modest nice eating places and cafes. It is far more relaxed and slower and then city centre and major square.

Then after day or two I travelled to Zakopane which is sometimes called winter season capital of poland. Despite the fact that it was summer time, yet this city has numerous to give, and even not having snowfall You won't be uninterested there, mountains - Tatry tend to be stunning, there are a lot of beautiful and not so complex trails, and also Zakopane itself is a stunning city.

You can easily get to Zakopane right from Krakow by train or bus, now there are numerous vehicles to Zakopane. You additionally can get privately owned transfer to Zakopane, this is actually the very best way if You go together with larger sized team. Krakow Zakopane transfer with them is very googd idea. Don't head to Zakopane with train, if you do not have a bunch of time, Traveling with train requires about several hours. This is a bunch, with bus it will certainly take about 2h.

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