Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Salt mine Wieliczka

It doesn't matter both you are looking for a relaxing leisurely vacation or an interesting adventure. "Wieliczka" salt mine near Krakow City is a excellent place to go to. Here You can learn more - Wieliczka salt mine
Think about yourself with a miner's light in your hand, shielding helmet on your head, going in the mine to discover, with the knowledge related to the use of your current underground equipment.
The perception of wonder and experience accompanies you all in your journey through the Wieliczka sodium mine. The stunning corridors and also chambers await your finding, and the darkness hides wonderful landscape sculpted by nature and also human hands.
You might considering the Pilgrims' Route, just where you'll find unique chapels and also religious sculptures. There is also the particular Miner's route where you can visit oldest existing sal mine shaft, the Regis. Should you be into adventuring, you can also look at the Tourist route filled with something like 20 chambers to visit, including the well-known Chapel of St. Cal . king.

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